How to reach out to people that you want to do business with the right way

Annoyed Boy

In this article, I’m going to share something with you that was not only a great example of the wrong way to reach out to an authority figure, but also something that was pretty funny. Today was a big day, I was able to launch my new book called Leverage on Amazon Kindle, and with…

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5 Customer Retention Program Ideas That Work For Any Business

customer retention program ideas

Are you maximizing the revenue possibilities in your business? Well, if you aren’t actively and purposefully retaining your customers then more than likely you are bleeding profits. In this article we are going to talk about five customer retention program ideas that you, and any business no matter what the size, can implement right now…

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Having a Day Routine That Maximizes Your Life

day routine

No this, is not about automation.  Oh, wait, maybe it is about automation – human automation! The last few weeks have seen a big shift in how I do things.  Namely, the focus has been to develop a great day routine. I don’t know about you, but is it hard not to go for the shiny…

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Grow Profit and Save Time by Going Into Business with a Partner

going into business with a partner

In this short article I’m going share with you a little secret that helped my business take a massive jump in profit while almost cutting my workload in half.  It’s something that you rarely ever hear in any business book or blog, but has been the key to not only my success, but the success…

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5 Amazing Tools to Help Build Your Marketing Automation Framework

automation framework

Every marketer has to have tools, right?  Well, the marketer that plans out automating everything they do needs to have even more tools.  Here’s a quick list of tools that I use to help build my marketing automation framework. Zapier One of the most popular automation apps out their, if Zapier were a person I…

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What Can You Do with Infusionsoft? Just About Anything You Want!

what can you do with infusionsoft

Back when I was a wee little marketing automation baby, I was used to spending very little on any piece of email marketing software.  So when I saw Infusionsoft and it’s pretty steep price tag I thought to myself, “What can you do with Infusionsoft that would justify that huge cost?” Well, the answer to…

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Why Most Small Business Marketing Automation Experts Get it Wrong

marketing automation

You, the small business marketing automation expert, are wrong.  There – I said it. Sorry, but it’s the truth and I’m not going to take it back. You are wrong because you don’t understand that it’s not about automated sales. Do you know what it’s truly about? Freedom. Your goal should be to provide freedom…

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Are You Shooting Yourself in the Foot with Process Consulting?

process consulting

I wasn’t quite sure what to call this post, but I recently had a potential process consulting (I like to call it vision building) client do something that I see happen a lot with small businesses.  It’s one of the reasons that I think business owners that originally had a vision of building a company…

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How to Balance Between Business and Family

balance between business and family

In one of my business groups that I am in, there was a new guy that’s just starting out in business that was having major problems on how to balance between business and family.  I know that I struggled with this for years, and it wasn’t until it became a major problem that I did…

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5 Ways You Are Probably Losing Sales to Competitors Right Now

losing sales to competitors

Business is a tricky sport.  At times, when you are working your butt off and it seems like you are spending day and night doing everything you can to drum up business, nothing happens. Other times finding new customers is a piece of cake.  No matter how things seem to be going with your business,…

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